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Mounsey & Brinton take to the top step in two classic encounters at Oulton Park

Mounsey & Brinton Take To The Top Step In Two Classic Encounters At Oulton ParkA weekend of two halves for Brinton, some more gains for Mounsey as the number 4 becomes Belford’s sole remaining rival for the crown.

Race 1 at Oulton Park went right to the final corner as Sullivan Mounsey (Wilson Racing/Maddison Media) pounced to perfection on key rival Evan Belford (City Lifting/RS Racing), gaining back five valuable points on the Championship leader. Another key rider in that fight for the crown, Amanuel Brinton (Kovara Projects/RS Racing), crashed out of podium contention to dent his title hopes, with Harrison Dessoy (Microlise Cresswell Racing/Eastern Garage Racing) instead taking the rostrum spoils after a late duel with Lucas Brown (Amphibian Scaffolding/SP125 Racing).

As the lights went out, Belford took the holeshot ahead of Mounsey, and Brinton dropped back a little off the front row. Mounsey passed back on Lap 1, however, to begin a long stint in the lead as Brinton tagged back onto the back of Belford and then pounced, all before the end of Lap 1.

By Lap 2, the top three were stretching away, but Brown got his head down to close down the front group. Belford then hit back against Brinton, which allowed Mounsey to gain some breathing space, but not long after Brinton then suddenly crashed out of third after duelling Brown. That, along with a crash for Ryan Frost (Talentum Motorsport By Azure Notions) just behind, brought out the Safety Car.

That reset everything but once racing resumed, Mounsey took off like a shot to gain a few metres on Belford at the head of the group. And he pulled out even more by the start of the penultimate lap, seeming like he was going to escape away for the win, before Belford started to threaten again. By the final lap, Belford was locked back on and he struck as soon as he could. But down into the final corner Mounsey even tagged the grass as he pulled alongside and stole the apex, keeping it tidy and heading onto the final stretch with it absolutely pinned. It was enough too as he kept it to the flag, taking those valuable 25 points in the process and forcing Belford to settle for second.

In the battle for third, a late mistake from Brown heading wide gave Dessoy some breathing space and the number 55 kept it pinned to get back on the podium after a tougher run.

Julian Correa (Microlise Cresswell Racing) took fourth, ahead of Ronnie Harris (Kovara Projects / RS Racing) taking an impressive top five as the two were able to stay ahead of Brown following his mistake. He was forced to settle for sixth, with Harrison Mackay (Wilson Racing/HMR), Harley McCabe (McCabe Racing), Filip Surowiak (FS75 Racing / FAB Racing) and Alfie Davidson (Banks Racing) completing the top ten.
Mounsey & Brinton Take To The Top Step In Two Classic Encounters At Oulton Park

In Race 2, Amanuel Brinton (Kovara Projects/RS Racing) found some redemption as he bounced back to get back on the top step, coming out on top and in some style after a five-rider fight at the front for much of the race. Just 0.006 saw the number 43 grab the win from Sullivan Mounsey (Wilson Racing/Maddison Media), with Lucas Brown (Amphibian Scaffolding/SP125 Racing) completing the podium as he fended off Championship leader Evan Belford (City Lifting/RS Racing).

Belford got a good start from pole ahead of Harrison Dessoy (Microlise Cresswell Racing/Eastern Garage Racing), but the number 55 didn’t wait long to hit the front. Mounsey was still fourth and Brinton all the way down in ninth early doors, and Belford then hit back to take the lead. The number 52 got the hammer down to start pulling out a gap immediately as well, with Mounsey and Brinton down in P5 and P6. But lap by lap, they were coming back and they were bringing Brown and Ronnie Harris (Kovara Projects / RS Racing) along for the ride.

By half race distance Brinton was on Belford and through, and Mounsey followed him through… followed by Brown as Belford plummeted from the lead to fourth. Harris was very much in the mix too, and as the laps ticked down the moves came thick and fast as a five-rider fight lit up Oulton Park.

Onto the final lap, Mounsey led Brinton led Brown, with Belford just about shaking off Harris behind. The first move came from Belford as he struck for third, but Brown retaliated quickly. Mounsey had some very close company from Brinton just ahead too, but he held on through the chicane. Once again, it all came down to the final corner.

This time, Mounsey went slightly defensive and Brinton swooped wide, cutting back to head towards the line side by side. And they truly were side by side, with even some contact between the two just before the line. But Brinton took it by six thousandths, getting back on the top step as Mounsey was just denied the double.

Brown got a rostrum reward for his speed in Race 2, denying Belford that third place as the Championship leader was forced to settle for fourth and wait until the final round to try and wrap up the crown.

Harris took another top finish to complete his Oulton Park weekend in the top five, with Julian Correa (Microlise Cresswell Racing) heading up the second group in sixth. He just denied Alfie Davidson (Banks Racing), with Harrison Mackay (Wilson Racing/HMR), Harley McCabe (McCabe Racing) and Ollie Walker (VisionTrack Racing Team) completing the top ten.

That’s all she wrote for Oulton Park, with Belford forced to wait for the final round at Donington to try and wrap up the crown. All that stands in his way is now Mounsey, with the number 4 now 37 points off with 50 left in play. So make sure to join us for the final at Donington Park in two weeks!

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