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Pirelli’s 2023 motorcycle racing season is underway in the name of technological innovation

Pirelli is ready for the motorcycle challenges of its motorsport season which will kick off next week in Australia, with the first round of the FIM Superbike World Championship. For 2023, innovation and technology remain the cornerstones of the Bicocca company’s commitment to racing.

Giorgio Barbier, Pirelli Motorcycle Racing Director:
“This year we will be busy in several disciplines. Development activities will focus on the Superbike World Championship where, for the first time ever, we will introduce a front solution in the soft SC0 compound in the premier class. At the same time, we will continue to work on the extra soft SCQ rear, which has officially become part of the DIABLO Superbike range and is therefore now on sale on the market. As for the other classes, in WorldSSP we will add to the 120/70 front size, used up to now, the new larger 125/70 front size that is already available in the Superbike class, while in WorldSSP300 we will introduce, starting from the Misano round, a new benchmark set that uses renewable materials in the tyres. The goal always remains the same: to improve our tyres year after year, to then pour this know-how into road products.”
Pirelli’s 2023 Motorcycle Racing Season Is Underway In The Name Of Technological Innovation

Competition has been part of Pirelli’s DNA for over 115 years and today there are over 100 two-wheeled championships, at international and national level, in which the Milanese company participates every year. There are several new highlights for 2023, especially within the FIM Superbike World Championship:

  • Introduction of a front SC0 soft compound

After expanding the DIABLO Superbike range in past seasons with the introduction of rear solutions in softer compounds (SCX in 2020 and SCQ in 2022), Pirelli has decided to complete the development by working on a front soft SC0 compound that is capable to balance the very high level of grip offered by the soft solutions on the rear axle. This new front solution will be offered to riders starting from the first European races and this year it will be subject to constant development in order to make it a standard solution for 2024.

  • Inclusion into the DIABLO™ Superbike range of the SCQ rear

The SCQ rear solution was made available to Superbike class riders last season. This extra soft compound has been designed to offer the highest level of grip for short distance and therefore for use mainly in qualifying. In 2022, in some cases, it was also possible to use it to cover the 10 laps of the Superpole Race as well as in some local championships. Accepting requests from customers, riders and promoters of national championships, Pirelli has decided to include it in the DIABLO™ Superbike range that is regularly on sale. Therefore, from this year it will be available to all championships, professional riders and amateurs who want to use it. At the same time, in the Superbike World Championship, Pirelli will continue to develop this product so that it guarantees greater mileage and can cover the 10 laps of the Superpole Race on all circuits.

Pirelli’s 2023 Motorcycle Racing Season Is Underway In The Name Of Technological Innovation

In the Supersport class, Pirelli will introduce the new larger size 125/70, already supplied to Superbike riders, in addition to the current 120/70 size. This will also offer WorldSSP riders a better front-to-rear axle balance.

Starting from the fifth round, the Pirelli Emilia-Romagna round at Misano, the riders of the Supersport 300 World Championship will use a new set of DIABLO Superbike tyres, in the front SC1 and rear SC2 compounds, which uses a percentage of renewable materials to replace those of fossil origin. However, since the first round, compared to past seasons, the riders will no longer use the SC1 rear compound but the SC2.


Pirelli’s technical partnership with the FIM Superbike World Championship represented the first example of a single tyre supply in the history of top motorsport competitions and, twenty years later, proved to have been a winning choice, as followed by other two and four wheel championships. Pirelli’s strong commitment in this championship is not only justified by the important results in terms of media visibility and brand awareness growth but above all from a technological point of view. For Pirelli two-wheel competitions represent an open-air laboratory for developing and testing, with some of the best riders, their tyres, the same ones that are then put on the market and made available to all motorcyclists around the world. Since 2004, when the Pirelli single tyre supply began in the top production bike derived championship, the Milanese company’s approach has been to remain faithful to the philosophy of the Superbike World Championship by deciding not to supply prototype solutions but normal standard tyres. And, while always remaining faithful to this philosophy over the years, Pirelli has continued to make technological innovation its workhorse by dictating, from time to time, the new parameters of the racing tyres used all over the world: first, in 2013, with the historic transition from 16.5-inch to the new 17-inch tyres, and then, starting from 2018, with the adoption of new larger sizes.

Pirelli’s 2023 Motorcycle Racing Season Is Underway In The Name Of Technological Innovation


Faithful to the strong sporting spirit that has always characterised it as a company, this year Pirelli will participate, in some cases as sole supplier and in others in an open competition between tyre manufacturers, in over 100 of the most important international and national motorcycling competitions, both on track and off road. Among those on asphalt, in addition to the FIM Superbike World Championship, also the FIM Endurance World Championship and, at national level, the British Superbike, Italian Speed Championship (CIV), German IDM Championship and French Superbike Championship, to name just a few. The commitment in off-road competitions has also been confirmed, primarily in the FIM Motocross World Championship in which the Italian tyre company boasts a palmarès of 79 world titles and of which it will be an official tyre supplier until 2025. Then there is the FIM World Supercross Championship (WSX) and AMA Supercross, as well as numerous national motocross competitions. Pirelli participates in all these championships using standard tyres, DIABLO Superbike and DIABLO Supercorsa for track and SCORPION MX in off-road competitions, all regularly on sale on the market and available to all motorcyclists

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