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Updated OptiMate Battery Monitor

Updated Optimate Battery MonitorWeatherproof 12V battery lead and monitor, for instant checking and easy charging.

Updated for 2023, the OptiMate O-124 is a combined monitor and SAE socket, giving 24/7 battery status in the blink of an LED and hassle-free charging of your motorcycle starter battery.

A must for commuters, touring and year-round riders, the OptiMate O-124 gives an instant health status of any 12V AGM, STD or GEL battery, and will also confirm if the vehicle charging system is working correctly.

When it’s time to top up, simply plug any OptiMate battery charger into the built-in SAE socket; no additional adaptors or leads needed.

Quick and easy to set up, the O-124 connects directly to the battery terminals. It now comes fitted with ringlets that can be converted from M6 (1/4″) to M8 (5/16″), so it will fit the most commonly found sizes of battery terminal bolt.Updated Optimate Battery Monitor

Unlike app-based monitors, it doesn’t rely on third party applications or devices, and draws almost zero power from the bike’s battery; long term draw is less than 0.2mA.

Fully weatherproof and rated down to -40°C, it’s completely safe to leave attached to vehicles that are parked outside. There’s also an inline 15A fuse to protect both the battery and the bike’s electrical system.

The OptiMate O-124 retails at just £26.90 including VAT – a small price to pay for never being caught out by a dead battery again – and is covered by three-year warranty.

For details of this and all other OptiMate products visit optimate1.com

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