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Zero Aims To Save UK Car Commuters A Week A Year In Congestion

Zero Aims To Save UK Car Commuters A Week A Year In Congestion

Zero Aims To Save Uk Car Commuters A Week A Year In CongestionZero, the leading EV motorcycle producer, is aiming to save UK car commuters from wasting two weeks sitting in traffic.

Recent data from the UK Government shows that the average commuter spent 1hr 17 minutes per day sat in traffic in 2023, that’s equivalent to 14 days per year and up 6% from 2022.   

With the average commute standing at 19.5 miles each way, commuters having to commute into the city fared worse, with London particularly bad. City of London commuters are delayed an enormous 2 hours and 22 seconds per day. That’s the equivalent of 837 hours a year, or over thirty-four days. Average speed was also the lowest at 13.6 mph, down from 14.3 mph in 2022.  

However, there is a solution – motorcycles. It’s estimated that on average, motorcycles take approximately 16-46% less time to cover the same trip through congested traffic than a car. That’s a saving of almost a week over the course of a year.  

There is a significant cost benefit in going from four wheels to two – especially when it is an EV, such as Zero. Cutting costs on tax, fuel, ULEZ, and congestion charges is yet another benefit to avoiding the rising levels of congestion.  As an approximate saving, a Zero rider travelling into London five days a week will save £120 per month on fuel, £250 on ULEZ charges, and £300 on congestion charges.  

For that reason, Zero have launched their ‘Own Your Commute’ campaign which seeks to encourage more riders to make the simple switch to electric motorcycles. With just a simple CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), completed in a day, the world of two-wheeled commuting is unlocked, and sitting in congestion a thing of the past. For just £9,995, car drivers stuck in traffic can make the switch to effortless and affordable commuting.  

Dale Robinson, UK Country Manager at Zero Motorcycles, said: “We live in a world where time is precious. Lost minutes can have a huge effect on your productivity, attitude, and even as far as your mental health. Being able to maximise your time on the things that truly matter is of huge importance. 

“Think about the last thing you did with a bank holiday weekend. Spent time with the family? Went to the beach? Took a long weekend away with a partner? What I can guarantee you didn’t do was sit in a traffic jam from the very beginning to the bitter end. 

“When the cost benefit and the time benefit are unrivalled by going onto two wheels, I challenge you to find anyone who wouldn’t want a shorter journey that costs less.”  

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Zero Aims To Save Uk Car Commuters A Week A Year In Congestion

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