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BMW Motorrad presents Vario luggage system for the BMW R 1300 GS

Bmw Motorrad Presents Vario Luggage System For The Bmw R 1300 GsInnovative luggage solution with electrification and infinitely variable volume adjustment.

The BMW GS with its original flat-twin boxer engine has stood for universal motorcycling pleasure for more than 40 years. Be it for touring or travelling long distances, dynamic country road riding or for travelling off the beaten track – a BMW GS and above all the new BMW R 1300 GS is always the perfect companion. Even when it comes to exploring the remotest corners of our planet.

For extended tours and long-distance trips with plenty of luggage, BMW Motorrad now offers an advanced and innovative Vario luggage system for the new R 1300 GS, consisting of two Vario cases and a Vario top case.

The design of the Vario cases and the Vario top case has been completely revised. Anodised aluminium trims on the outside of the cases as well as on the outside and lid of the Vario top case not only offer robust reliability, but together with the black plastic housing also blend into the design of the new BMW R 1300 GS harmoniously.

Vario case and Vario top case with integrated charging option and lighting as well as integration into the radio central locking system for maximum comfort.
In terms of technology and functionality, the new Vario luggage system sets the standard once again. Another highlight is the luggage system is now electrified. From now on, electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops can be charged in the luggage compartment of the left Vario case. There is a USB-A charging port there that enables charging via the on-board network with a charging power of up to 15 W (5 V / 3 A). Another USB-A port is located in the top case. In addition, the integrated lighting in the Vario cases and in the top case makes loading and unloading at night very comfortable.

Another new feature is that the Vario cases and the top case are integrated into the standard radio central locking system of the new BMW R 1300 GS. In addition, the Vario luggage system also includes mechanical keys with which the cases can be opened and closed. For example, if the radio key is lost.

Infinitely variable volume adjustment to make the best used of all storage space.
The volume adjustment of the Vario cases and Vario top case can now be infinitely adjusted by handwheel (previously two steps) to make the new BMW R 1300 GS only as wide or as high as necessary in view of the required storage space.

In total, the new Vario luggage system offers up to 97 litres of capacity. Expanding the Vario cases increases the luggage compartment volume from approx. 49 l by a maximum of approx. 5.5 l each. The storage volume of the top case increases from 28 to a maximum of 36 litres.Bmw Motorrad Presents Vario Luggage System For The Bmw R 1300 Gs

Further luggage can be stored on the cases and top case using practical lashing eyes.
The Vario luggage system can for example store the BMW Helmet 7 (Vario case left and Vario top case) and the BMW Helmet GS fits in the Vario top case. The maximum load per Vario case is 10 kg per side, the maximum load of the Vario top case is set at 6 kg. A total load of 26 kg can therefore be loaded.

In addition, you can also stow luggage on the outside of the Vario cases and on the Vario top case. Up to 1 kg can be attached to the side of each Vario case and a further 2 kg to the Vario top case. Tension straps are recommended for securing additional luggage. Lashing eyes are fitted on the lid of the Vario top case for this purpose. There are also lashing eyes on the sides of the Vario cases.

Practical Vario inner bags for Vario cases and Vario top cases available as original BMW Motorrad accessories.
As part of the original BMW Motorrad accessories range, additional Vario inner bags are available for the Vario luggage system of the new BMW R 1300 GS, both for the Vario cases and for the Vario top case. The volumes of the inner cases are:

– Left case: 21.5 – 28.9 l.

– Right case: 21.3 – 26.8 l.

– Top case: 24.8 – 33 l.

For each Vario case there is a large main inner bag and a smaller additional bag that can be placed loosely on top of the main bag in the case. The additional bag can also be used as a small handbag, for example for stopping by at a café. The main bag for the left
Vario case has a padded storage compartment for electronic devices with cable outlet to the USB charging port. The Vario top case inner bag consists of a large main bag with up to 33 l of volume.

The maximum permissible speed for riding with the Vario luggage system is 180 km/h. The new Vario luggage system is not suitable for previous models such as the BMW R 1250 GS and others.Bmw Motorrad Presents Vario Luggage System For The Bmw R 1300 Gs

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