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‘Hey Cardo, ask my partner to marry me…’

‘hey Cardo, Ask My Partner To Marry Me…’Cardo’s most recent customer survey revealed that over 250 Cardo users had proposed over their Cardo – just 20 years ago, this wouldn’t have been possible, as motorcycle communication devices didn’t exist except for hand gestures and shouting at each other at traffic lights.

Cardo launched the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth-based wireless intercom headset and since then has been responsible for most of the industry’s innovations including the first mesh-powered intercom, the first premium sound system by JBL, and the first voice-powered communications system.

With over 18,000* respondents from 114 different countries, a close look at the data showed there were a lot of similarities between the global #CardoFam…

Nearly 60% of respondents rode wearing a full-face helmet with flip-up and modular options being the second most popular types of helmets.

Just over 44% of riders had adventure and touring models and the majority rode with 3-15 riders. Leisure was the purpose of riding for those surveyed, passion and freedom were cited as the top choices as to the reason behind their miles -and for over half of those surveyed, riding helps to improve their mental state.

When taking a riding holiday, 45% of riders choose to do more than 476 miles/766 km – no wonder that other than their Cardo, snacks, and drinks were the thing they didn’t leave the house without!

Over half of the respondents had used a communicator for three years or more and over 70% had chosen Cardo as their first-ever device.

Be sure to listen out for Cardo users singing along while riding – nearly half of those surveyed use their device to listen to music with 17% humming along, 44% singing occasionally, and 17% admitting they ‘perform’.

With answers from around the globe and riders all experiencing differing weather conditions, it was no surprise that the three most loved features of Cardo devices are: Sound by JBL, Waterproof, and Dynamic Mesh Connectivity.

When it comes to talking, ‘Family’ and ‘Spouse’ attributed to over half of the calls made by users with ‘Friends’ making up just under 30%.

Another thing that the #CardoFam was in agreement about was that nine-time Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champion Valentino Rossi was their favourite celebrity biking role model, followed by six-time MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez and ‘King of Cool’ Steve McQueen in second and third place respectively.

Head to the Cardo Systems social media channels to learn more about the #CardoFam or to find the Cardo device that suits you.

*18780 respondents

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