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How to Ship a Motorcycle

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How to Ship a Motorcycle

How To Ship A MotorcycleDo you need to travel from coast to coast or even overseas? And do you want to bring your motorcycle with you? This can be a problem unless you are willing to ride it to the harbour or airport and then take care of the shipping formalities and various taxes you have to pay for international travel.

Moreover, you do not have the expertise to properly secure your motorcycle in a protective crate or by other means. The good news is that you don’t have to go through all this trouble. Instead, hire a motorcycle transport company to take care of all these aspects for you.

Who Needs to Hire Motorcycle Shipping Services?
A motorbike is more than a means of transportation. For many people, it is a part of their lifestyle, a prized possession they want to take with them and showcase it. A professional motorcycle shipping company will help you ship your motorbike:

  • If you want to display it in a motorcycle show
  • If you are participating in a motorbike race
  • If you plan to sell it at an auction
  • If you want to ride it during your trip abroad.

No matter what your ultimate purpose may be, one thing is certain: if you want your motorbike to reach its destination safely and in good condition, you should consider hiring a specialised company.

What Is Involved in Shipping a Motorcycle Abroad?
When you contact the company, they will ask you three key questions:

  • The picking up and delivery points
  • The value of your motorcycle
  • The preferred means of transportation.

These elements will allow the company to prepare the cost estimate for you. Let us now explain each point in detail:
1. Handover and Delivery Options
A motorcycle shipping company will offer you several options for handing over and picking up your motorbike:

  • Roll-on, Roll-off – the motorbike is driven onto the boat, where it is secured during the overseas journey. After the arrival at the destination harbour, the motorbike is transported over land to the specified destination
  • Door to door – the company picks up the motorbike from your home and delivers it exactly where you need it. This is the most convenient but also the most expensive option
  • Harbour to harbour – you deliver your motorbike to the harbour and pick it up at the destination harbour. This is the most affordable motorcycle shipping option.

2. Import Duties and Taxes
If you are shipping your motorcycle abroad, the link here https://www.a1autotransport.com/international-motorcycle-shipping/ indicates that you will most probably have to pay import duties and Value Added Tax (VAT) calculated as a percentage from the value of your motorbike.

The average values for these taxes are:

  • 6% to 8% for import duties
  • 15% to 20% for VAT.

However, you should know that you may benefit from reduced VAT (5% to 8%) if your motorcycle is older than 25 years. This special taxation is applied by most countries.

3. Means of Transportation
You can have your motorbike shipped to the desired destination by airplane or by ship. Transport by airplane is the fastest and safest choice, but it also entails a higher cost. However, if you need the motorcycle at the destination in a short time, it is the only viable option.

Transport by ship remains the most popular option for most people because it offers a great cost/benefit ratio. Ships remain the most reliable means of transportation for goods across the world.

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Shipping
The motorcycle transport company will ask you to do the following before they pick it up or you deliver it to them:

  • Clean your bike from dirt, dust, or debris
  • Remove detachable parts, such as the raised seat and the windshield
  • Make sure that only one-quarter of the tank is filled with fuel (to reduce weight and increase safety during handling and shipping)
  • Make sure that the tires are properly inflated
  • Fix oil leaks (if any)
  • Document the condition of the motorbike by taking photographs of any pre-existing damage or signs of wear and tear.

What Documents Do You Need to Ship Your Motorcycle Abroad?
When you hand over the motorbike to the transport company, you should also have the following documents ready:

  • Title or the manufacturer’s certificate
  • Your photo ID
  • Proof of ownership or sale contract
  • Certificate of release if the motorbike is subject to a lien or loan
  • Tax Identification Number (Unique Taxpayer Reference for legal entities)

If you are shipping the motorbike on behalf of another person (thus, you are not the owner of the vehicle), you will also have to include a power of attorney.

Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle Transport Company
Shipping a motorcycle long-distance or overseas will cost you a few hundred pounds, but this fee is fully justified. Your motorbike will be packed and handled with great care by professionals.

Here are some reasons why people trust motorcycle transport companies:

No Added Mileage and Wear and Tear
If you are not going overseas, why not simply ride your motorcycle to the destination? If you will present it during a show or plan to sell it at an auction, you do not want to reduce its value by adding extra mileage. Plus, you may suffer an accident during the journey and damage your motorbike.

The Motorcycle Needs Repairs
Many motorbike owners choose to take their vehicles to specialised repair shops or for customisations. If the motorbike is not in driving condition, having it shipped is the only option.

Inclement Weather Conditions
If you are travelling during the cold season, you may not be able to ride your motorbike safely to the destination. Wet or icy roads represent serious hazards for motorcyclists. It is much better to travel safely by plane or train and let the transport company ship your motorcycle.

Wrapping It Up
Wherever you may need your motorcycle shipped, a motorcycle shipping company will secure and transport it for you. You do not have to worry about its safety or about taking care of legal formalities – everything will be done professionally by the transport company. The shipping fee includes all the duties and taxes, plus the shipping insurance. All you have to think about is how to make the most of your motorbike adventure abroad!

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