Most of us who love motorcycles know that when the weather is bad, it’s time to put away our toys. But, it doesn’t mean that we have to give up our passions. There are tons of motorcycle themed online games and apps to choose from to get through those dark days.

Interested in learning more? Check out our list of seven free motorcycle themed apps that you can play on your PC and/or your preferred mobile devices. And whether you like motorcycle themed quizzes, puzzles, and racing games, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, here are our top selections:

Biker Racer City Highway

This game is filled with amazing stunts, turns, and twists set in a realistic racing simulator challenge. There are several tracks for you to pick from and you have the ability to challenge any of the bikers in town to a race.

This game has pretty good graphics and is quite fun, like many of the games on Wintingo Online Casino. Still, it’s important to note that the exploding barrels that seem to appear randomly around town may make you pause. But, perhaps the best part of this game is that you can choose from several different views. We have found the view from the helmet is the most authentic.

Deadly Highway Heavy Motorcycle Action Racing

This game really lives up to its deadly moniker – it’s a lot more violent than Biker Racer City Highway. For instance, you are provided with knives that you can use to kick or slash bikers who come close to or have the nerve to try to pass you. The pace of the game is a little slow but, this doesn’t take away from its fun.

Aah Crash!

This physics based game provides an interesting twist on the typical motorcycle themed game. You begin with a truck, go off road, and when you hit certain objects (like hay stacks, barns, and cows) you will be launched into the air. The idea here is to rotate your truck and get as much distance as you can. The better you do, the more coins you will earn, just like playing games on Wintingo Online Casino.

When you have earned enough coins, you can use them to buy a motorcycle. They cost about 25,000 coins but you can easily make this in less than an hour of gameplay. Furthermore, this game will have your full attention when you are figuring out the formula that lets you achieve records based on number of flips, distances reached, and the amount of coins that you earn.

Rapid Bike Racing

The premise of this game is much like a road test where you navigate particularly twisty streets, there are no straight roads in this town. It’s also very forgiving if you make mistakes and perhaps the best part is that it’s an excellent way to pass the time when you have a short break or are standing in line.

Moto GP Knockout

The best part of this game is the view of of the bikes. They are really good-looking and this holds true for some of the free ones as well. And, while the visuals are a little blah (especially when compared to other selections on this list), the knockout option makes you forget about that pretty quickly.

Motorbike Quiz

Just about every motorcycle enthusiast feels as if they know everything about bicycles. If this is you, then perhaps you want to test your chops with the compelling Motorbike Quiz. It may sound a little tame but it’s actually very interesting because it tests your visual smarts to see if your motorcycle knowledge is on the level you think it is. It’s quite fun and you’ll probably end up learning a thing or two. How can you beat that?