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New Secondary Engine Covers For Suzuki Gsx-s750 L7-m2As part of GBRacing’s ongoing commitment to providing road riders with the same level of motorcycle engine protection as many of the world’s most prestigious racing teams, a secondary engine cover set is now available for Suzuki’s middleweight sports naked, the striking GSX-S750.

First launched in 2017, the four-cylinder 750cc street bike has since proved hugely popular all over Europe and, as sales have increased, so has demand for engine protection.

With the engine in full view and not hidden by a fairing, it was vital that the covers matched and complemented the bike’s lines. It took a while for the GBRacing design team to perfect, but the end result is a product that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical — both core values of the GBRacing philosophy.

Made to the same high specification and standards as those used in world championship racing, these stunning new GBRacing secondary engine covers are available separately or as a full set.

All GBRacing products are designed and made in the UK and are available to purchase direct from GBRacing or from its official dealers both in the UK and in 40 countries around the world.

Suzuki GSX-S750 L7-M2 secondary engine protection

(UK prices are inclusive of VAT):

Alternator cover
£83.56 / $111.41 / €87.04

Clutch cover
£86.52 / $115.36 / €90.13

Pulse cover
£66.86 / $89.15 / €69.95

Starter cover
£59.68 / $79.57 / €62.16

Full cover set
£281.78 / $375.71 / €293.53

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or head to the official GBRacing website gbracing.euNew Secondary Engine Covers For Suzuki Gsx-s750 L7-m2

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