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Today we will look at the most expensive casinos in the world that only exist. Not always an expensive casino, it is the best casino, for example, such as TonyBet Canada casino.  Well, let’s get down to our top.

No.5. Wynn Las Vegas – $2.7 billion
Let’s start with the most “modest” casino in our rating in terms of cost. The Wynn Las Vegas establishment, founded in 2005, is estimated at $2,700,000,000. Where this casino is located can be understood from the name. By the way, it is named so in honor of Steve Wynn, a billionaire who made an invaluable contribution to the development of the gambling industry in the USA and around the world.

This luxurious 45-story building has a height of 187 meters, and the total number of rooms in the hotel reaches 2,700. As for the casino itself, its total area is approximately 17,600 squares.

The complex looks amazing both from the outside and inside. The design is really luxurious, and the available nightclub with a huge waterfall inside is absolutely amazing. By the way, this waterfall flows into a lake whose area exceeds one hectare!

No. 4. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – $3.9 billion
The next expensive institution in our rating is again from Las Vegas, which, however, is not at all surprising.

The Cosmopolitan is 5 years older than its “brother” – it was founded in 2010. Now experts estimate this complex at $3,900,000,000.

In terms of area, it is smaller than Wynn – “only” 10 thousand squares. This complex includes two 184-story skyscrapers standing nearby.

A luxury hotel with more than 3,000 rooms, a huge casino with a wide variety of gambling, a fitness club, a restaurant for guests and guests of the city, a spa center, and much, much more – all this you can find here.

No.3. Resorts World Sentosa – $4.93 billion
This institution is located… no, not in Las Vegas, but in Singapore. To be more precise, on the island of Santos. It was built only in 2012, so it is still quite a young casino.

The total area of the gambling establishment is an incredible 49 hectares. As many as 10 thousand people work here, and basically, this complex is aimed at providing family holidays. But a large casino, of course, provides the lion’s share of all income.

What’s not here! Shopping center, 6 cool hotels, water attractions, various parks and even a huge aquarium, which was recognized as the largest on the planet!

It is noteworthy that locals are required to pay for the entrance to the casino, while for guests of the city – the entrance is free.

Despite the fact that Resorts World Sentosa is estimated at almost $5 billion, it is not the most expensive casino in the world!

No.2. Marina Bay Sands – $5.88 billion
Gradually we are getting closer to the most expensive gambling establishment in the world. In the meantime, Marina Bay Sands is in second place, which is also located in Singapore. Its cost is now estimated at $5,880,000,000 bucks.

This masterpiece of architecture was opened in 2010. Architect Moshe Safdi, who designed this complex, said that he was inspired by a deck of cards.

No. 1. CityCenter – $9.2 billion
Las Vegas casino rightfully ranks first in the ranking of the most expensive gambling establishments in the world. Now it is estimated at an incredible amount – $ The casino itself is a notorious Aria. It is here that the prestigious poker series are held – Super High Roller Bowl, U.S. Poker Open, and Poker Masters. The legendary Bellagio Casino is also located here.

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