Six great tips for motorcycle theft prevention

Six great tips for motorcycle theft preventionIf you are an owner of a motorbike or are planning to own one, you’ve come to the right place. We prepared six tremendous and simple tips for you which are going to help with motorcycle theft prevention. Some information is going to be useful right away while other facts could bring benefits in the long run. Without further ado, let’s move on to motorcycle theft prevention 101.

First – properly locking it

Many of you might not know it, but a lot of motorbike thefts happen when the vehicle is parked and not appropriately secured. If the ignition isn’t off or the forks are not locked, the chances for theft increase dramatically.

There is the ignition lock. Remember always to do not leave spare keys in noticeable spots and always turn off the ignition entirely before moving away from the motorcycle. Then make use of fork and disc locks. Fork locks prevent the wheel from getting turned, and disc locks stop any kind of momentum.

Second – parking decisions

Two things to consider here. The first is area selection and the second – parking precision. With regards to areas, try to stop and leave the motorcycle wherever there are other motorcycles or vehicles around. If left unattended and alone, it instantly becomes a lucrative target.

With regards to precision, make sure to park behind cars and lock your vehicle to immovable or heavy objects.

Third – what happens when it is at home?

Do you leave it out on the street? Does it get a warm corner in the garage? Make sure your motorcycle is as hidden from plain sight as possible. Dedicated criminals could find a variety of methods to take your motorcycle away.

Six great tips for motorcycle theft preventionFourth – security systems at home

CCTV cameras, smart security, automatic lighting, automated gates… Whatever security systems you have at home, make sure that their field of operation covers the position of your motorcycle.

It would be a shame if someone comes to steal it while you have CCTV cameras which are pointing to an opposite direction.

Fifth – security systems on the motorcycle

All of the features, both large and small, play a role of huge importance in motorbike theft prevention. Sound and silent alarms, visual warnings, tracking along with many different features can bring more security into your life.

A sound alarm is the most popular theft prevention measure in the world, probably. It quickly gives away the intentions of the criminal and notices the people nearby about possible wrongdoings. Silent alarms give off the same information just without warning the criminal. They could be easily busted in action thanks to a silent alarm. Finally, a GPS tracker will eliminate the chances of untraceable vanishing and whatnot.

Last but not least – general awareness

Nothing beats good, old-fashioned thinking. If you are aware of your surroundings and the value of your motorcycle, you will avoid stupid risks. This ensures additional safety for your property.