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Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EVO

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Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EVO

Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EvoThe Plug & Travel EVO electronic suspension system from Touratech Suspension is a completely new development.

Thanks to numerous technical innovations, the semi-active suspension elements raise the handling of the BMW R 1200 / 1250 GS to an unprecedented level.

The suspension elements of the completely newly developed Plug & Travel EVO electronic suspension system from Touratech Suspension can be used to replace the standard Dynamic ESA shock absorbers of the BMW R 1250 / 1200 GS without any modifications to the vehicle. All standard plug connections are retained and operated as usual via the standard switches.

The electronic valve, the heart of every semi-active spring element, was developed in conjunction with the Dutch specialists from JRZ Suspension Engineering. The high-quality springs come from Eibach, the world-renowned manufacturer of performance suspension systems.

The worldwide patented electronic valve of the new Plug & Travel EVO suspension system line reacts to the electronic control with unprecedented precision. Even when subjected to extreme damping pressures in tough offroad use, damping remains absolutely constant.
Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel Evo
The new Hyper Flow damper piston is designed to suppress oil foam formation even at very high damper speeds.

The low friction seal combines the best durability with a low breakaway torque and prevents the notorious slip-stick effect (backsliding).

The new electric preload adjuster for electronic adjustment of the spring preload offers an impressive torque for rapid compression of the spring and boasts an even greater robustness.

For easy presetting of compression damping, the new EVO line simply provides a conveniently operated rotary knob with an easily readable scale. This also enables less experienced users to reliably implement individual suspension system setups.
The progressive end stop gently brakes extreme spring compression.

Best durability thanks to minimal tolerances distinguishes the high-quality Uniball bearings. Their rubber seals are particularly pressure-resistant and keep out dirt and water effectively.

Top 10 Benefits Touratech Suspension Plug &Travel EVO
• Newly developed electromagnetic valve
• High-quality springs from Eibach
• Hyper Flow damper piston
• Low friction seal
• Robust electric preload adjuster
• Convenient pressure stage adjuster
• Maximum possible spring travel
• One-piece milled bottom part
• End stop with progressive buffer
• New, lighter design

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