Traveling Around Las Vegas by Motorcycle

Traveling Around Las Vegas by MotorcycleLas Vegas is one of the best cities in the United States to tour on a motorcycle because of its warm, dry climate and proximity to spectacular views. It’s a great way to get around the city and a great starting point for driving on some of the best routes in the area.

Tips Before You Start
If you’re traveling to Nevada from another state or country, and you don’t have your bike with you, renting a motorcycle is pretty easy in Nevada. All you need is a valid driver’s license that’s endorsed. Of course, be sure to double-check the requirements wherever you decide to rent from.

Out of all the states in the U.S., Nevada is the driest. Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, including wearing the appropriate safety gear. Additionally, stock up on water and snacks to stay hydrated and fueled. This is especially important for the long desert drives, especially as you start to head away from the city and into the middle of nowhere.

Riding in Las Vegas
Before you settle down at a hotel or head to a casino, you should take a drive up and down the Strip. It’s only about 4 miles long and it’s the most famous street in Vegas, so you can’t miss it. After the Strip, Fremont Street is another street you must drive down. It’s known for its abundance of neon lights and signs, which has made it a frequent feature in movies. 

Best Rides Outside of the City
There are many great routes just outside of the city if you’re looking to stay nearby, like the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Roughly 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas, on this route, you’ll see beautiful desert views and Lake Mead. Then there’s Bonnie Springs, which is about 25 minutes from the Strip. It’s another popular destination with motorcyclists.Traveling Around Las Vegas by Motorcycle

For a slightly longer journey, head over towards the Hoover Dam, which is roughly 45 minutes from Vegas. Another great option is a drive through the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which is about the same distance from the city.

For an all-day trip, head north to the Zion National Park in Utah, which will take you about 5 hours to get there and back. For a two-day trip, head to the Grand Canyon. It’s roughly 4 hours from Vegas and you’ll be able to cross another scenic trip off your list. Stay the night and enjoy the local sights, then head back the next day for some more Vegas fun.

Be a Tourist
You’re not going to want to spend all of your time driving around the city. You’ll probably want to be a tourist, relax, and have some fun. If you’re interested in comedy, see a show like Penn & Teller or Terry Fator. If you’re more into traditional theater or spectacle, the Cirque du Soleil shows are incredible to see. Otherwise, plenty of famous musicians play in Vegas regularly, so you may want to consider planning your trip around a concert if that’s something you’d like to do.

You also can’t miss out on gaming at some of the world’s best casinos. If it’s been a while since you’ve played or if it’s your first time in a casino, it’s important to warm up with the latest games online. Some sites offer quite a wide variety of online creations for everyone, inspired by TV programs such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? or movies like Ted. This will help you to not waste your vacation time learning the ropes so you can get more out of your experience once you’re there. It’s also more respectful to other players, because you won’t be wasting anyone else’s time by not knowing what to do, either.

Then, end the trip with a good steak at one of the city’s many steakhouses. If you’re not sure where to go, some good options to consider include Golden Steer Steakhouse, Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse, and Redwood Steakhouse.