It can be hard finding a bookmaker that has extensive coverage of the Motor Sports and most only cover Formula One and the Moto GP. There are a number of new casino and sportsbooks that have entered the marketplace to take advantage of this void. Once you have found the one with the best odds and betting options it can be difficult to know which bet to make. In this article, I will guide you so that you know what the best bets are along with what to avoid.

One of the best bets to make when placing wagers on Motor Sports is by choosing the top three finish places option. This means that you will win if the bet you placed finishes in the top three places. The odds may be reduced compared to picking an outright winner but you increase your chances a great deal. Most bookmakers will offer around ⅕ for a finish in the top three and ⅓ for top two place finish.

If you have extensive knowledge of Motorsports you can use that to your advantage and bet on niche markets. Betting options such as Podium Finish, Fastest Qualifier, and Top Six finish will be available to choose from at the best betting companies and will give you the great chance of winning. It is also worth exploring the odds between two riders as you can choose to bet on the head to head results.

Smaller betting markets such as the 125cc and 250cc classes are harder to find bookmakers that offer odds. The ones that do generally have limited betting options such as the winner of the race.

One of the most popular motorsports betting markets used to be The World Rally Championship. This market has declined in recent years due to the domination of Sebastien Loeb but has picked up interested over the last couple of seasons as the field catches up If you are going to be betting on this market it is vital that you make your bets using which surface each competitor is best on. Driver form is not as important as each driver excels at driving on certain surfaces so this is a more important factor than using recent form statistics to help choose the best wager to make.

If you are a motorhead with outstanding knowledge betting on niche sports such as speedway can give you the edge over bookmakers. It is only over the last few years that we have seen the broadcasting of the World Grand Prix and UK Elite League. This has led to bookies opening up betting markets but due to their limited knowledge, the odds on offer are typically low when betting on the outright winner.

To increase your chances of winning big when betting on niche motorsports such as speedway it is worth looking at all the different options available. One of the most popular is match handicap which gives the underdog a head start. Winning margin bets are also a great choice if you are in the know and you can make a lot of money during the heats if you know your stuff.


You will not find huge promotions such as the no deposit casino bonus when betting on motorsports but occasionally you will come across risk-free bets which the bookmaker will refund if you lose. Knowledge is power in this niche sector and by spreading risk by betting on podium finishes and not outright winners, you should make a healthy return.